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I drawing that I did as an outlet during the later part of the event. - Lydia

Did you know that only 1-2% of the 27 MILLION people who are trafficked into sex slavery are EVER rescued out? Of those who do escape on their own, 20-80% are abducted back in? That victims are, at a usual LOW, forced to give their bodies to 40 people PER DAY or otherwise their families are killed and they are severely beaten?? That the average age is 12-14 years old? This is a modern day holocaust. Don’t blow off what’s going on, they need our help.”

I am an excellent former child prostitute!


I’ve heard it said “whatever you are, be the best one you can be.” Well my main experience of what I am right now is a human trafficking survivor. Life hasn’t given me any choice on that. I’m too ill with agoraphobia (a fear of being out around people which developed, of course from the trauma) to…

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