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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Traffick Jam 2012?

A: You can read about us here and if you have any further questions you can as us here.

Q: What is Human Trafficking? 

A: Human Trafficking is modern day slavery. It mainly affects women, who are trafficked into sex slavery. Every 30 seconds, another person becomes victim to human trafficking, and only 1% of victims are ever liberated. 

Q: What is A21?

A: A21 is an organization dedicated to abolish injustice in the 21st Century. They have established houses for women that have been rescued and lawyers to convict the traffickers. Learn more at their website.

Q: What can I do to help?

A: The ways in which you can help are limitless. You can attend our event, Traffick Jam, and the cost of your admission is given to support A21. If you visit their website and click on 21 Ways to Help, on the A21 Website, you can see a list of ways that you can help stop human trafficking. Also, sign up to be an abolitionist. Be the voice for those who don’t have one.

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